Classic Longboard

Price: wood deck £1,350, cork deck £1,250

Classic longboard shape with round nose and squash tail, but hard rails and a width/thickness combo that makes this probably one of the most high performance SUS Longboards in the world.

High volume along the length of the board and narrow width provides stability without compromising on performance.

9'0 - 9'8" x 25" - 28" x  3.8"- 4.2" 

Single fin - 5 fin set up

Volume: 135Ltrs - 155Ltrs


Price: wood deck £1,250 - £1,300 cork deck £1,100 - £1,200

High Performance SUpS with progressive rocker and wings. Shallow double concave bottom and 80/20 hard rails. Rail shape, width and nose shape can all be tailored to the individual at no extra cost. 

  • Round, pointed or no nose

  • Swallow, round, squash, rounded square, or our favourite the square tail. 

7'10”- 8'10” x 25”– 28” x  3.4”- 3.95" 
Custom Quad fin set up, can add centre box/plug 

Volume: 90Ltrs - 125Ltrs



Price: wood deck £1,300 cork deck £1,200

Our take on the Mini Simmons for a SUP, with a classic template and quad fin set up. Low rocker with nose and tail kick and deep single concave bottom. 80/20 hard rails, with even volume across the width of the board allowing a reduced width, with no compromise on stability.  

 7'10”- 8'8” x 26”– 28” x  3.8”- 4.2" 
Custom Quad fin set up

Volume: 115Ltrs - 130Ltrs